arseniylebedev2018-12-21 18:36:04
arseniylebedev, 2018-12-21 18:36:04

Apache takes too long to load pages, how to fix it?

Installed lamp server on ubuntu server 18.04. Loaded a wordpress site, now if you go to the site by url / then the page loads quickly.
If you try to go to /wp-login.php it loads within 2 minutes, maybe longer. What is the reason?
Also installed phpmyadmin at /phpmyadmin is also loaded for a very long time.

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Vladimir, 2018-12-21

I put on a cap KO
1 Find the reason.
2 Fix it.
Now to the point. This behavior can be caused by various problems, lack of resources for the vps, mysql brakes, incorrect apache + php settings, and much more. Each version must be checked. The information you provided is only enough for guesswork.

Alexey, 2018-12-21

And why immediately apache, what was wrong with other servers, for example nginx? That is, I'm talking about how the question is formulated? And you immediately assume that Apache is to blame? Then put nginx + php-fpm And so the problem can be anything. So offhand you can't say...

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