2015-07-20 10:15:31
Google Maps
, 2015-07-20 10:15:31

Apache Cordova: how to work with Google Maps?

Hello gentlemen and comrades! Yes, I already asked this question. Unfortunately, I chose a very wrong time - Friday evening - when there are very few visitors.
So. Apache Cordova is growing at a gigantic pace. The downside of this rapid development is the presence of the problem of backward compatibility. Yes. So, to the point...
Cordova 5.0 (and even 5.1.1) is used.
At first, I really wanted to connect the script just like on the sites. Connected this one - https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?sensor=true- launched a local server for debugging, looked in the browser, was happy with the work, uploaded the application to the smartphone, was upset about the idle application. Fail. With the Google API key, judging by the Internet, it also does not work. Numerous articles have shown that more scripts are reloaded in this script, but no matter how I tried, the problem remained unresolved: maps simply did not show up. Apparently, the corporation of goodness decided that it didn’t make sense to process requests from smartphones (?)
Then I finally decided to try the plugin https://github.com/wf9a5m75/phonegap-googlemaps-plugin. Then I got a Google key for Android and tried again. Settled! cordova build android produced a huge list of errors, the reasons for which I mentioned in the preface, so that developers would have cats like that. No problem! There is a fork from https://github.com/Nipher/phonegap-googlemaps-plugin - it is installed and even assembled. But, damn it, the map still does not work in the application!
So, I told about the essence of the question. And now the question itself: how can you use Google maps in Apache Cordova at all? Yandex? bing? Interested in any opportunity to make this devilish work work. Is this version of Apache Cordova not suitable? Do you need a very old one? I will need more geolocation and selfies (this is mandatory), will all this be on the minimum working version? Or maybe you know some other plugin that got it to work? Is there at least one person who managed to get maps to work on Cordova-based frameworks? Anything will go! If you managed to work with maps on version 3.5, please report it! It would be great to see how you did it.
I can post the code if you want. But believe me, there is nothing non-standard. I really hope for your help.

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