mihmig2014-02-23 21:27:17
mihmig, 2014-02-23 21:27:17

Apache and mod_php - is the bytecode cached?

As far as I understand in cgi mode - the php script is translated (interpreted) every time the script is called (as if it were called from the command line). And in mod_php mode - how?
If apache "remembers" the result of the translation of the called php file (caches), then what happens when the php file is changed on disk?

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Max, 2014-02-23

It doesn't cache anything.

GHua, 2014-02-23

I'll add @AloneCoder . There are eaccelerator, xcache, apc, opcache for this.

FacedSID, 2014-04-15

If PHP is in mod_php mode, then the file is cached. Once a file is modified, nothing will happen until the cached file expires. Let's just say that the TTL for the cache costs 5 minutes, if you executed the file, it was cached, then you made changes, then these changes will take effect only after 5 minutes (from the moment the file is executed). You can force clean storage.

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