portered2015-06-28 17:57:52
portered, 2015-06-28 17:57:52

Anything interesting, trendy and rather exotic for the backend in web dev?

Please advise some moderately exotic, but interesting and moderately trendy language/stack for web dev (backend).
Not PHP, not Python, not Ruby, not Java, not Node.js, not Perl, not .NET. But already stable.
And I would like it to be tailored specifically for the backend development of a web dev. It is desirable that it be something micro and simple. And it was easily deployed on common VPS under Linux or freebsd.
For experiments and just for fun.
Thank you!

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D', 2015-06-28


Ivan, 2015-06-28

+ for Go

Alex Isk, 2015-10-04

Golang is not worth taking. It's just cool at first and then problems arise: there is no idea, there is no debugger, textbooks with errors or you can find them, ask if there is anything, the generated exe file can only be hosted by Google and Heroku, the template engine is terrible, there are no classes, demand for programmers no.

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