Alexey Cheremisin2015-02-15 21:56:53
Alexey Cheremisin, 2015-02-15 21:56:53

Anything good about mezzanine cms?

We are going to redo an existing project, we have previously chosen mezzanine cms.
I would like to hear feedback about those who worked with him, what questions and problems came across and what was the cost in terms of solution.
Now there is a website with videos, articles, community in the form of questions and answers to experts and comments on videos and articles.
For each registered user there is a personal account with the opportunity to ask a question, answer and bookmark the materials of the site.
There is a small grocery store.
The ranking of the site menu occurs in two planes: by the type of material and by tag, i.е. In the menu, select a content group, and after that we can sort / hide / show it by tag.
The video is shown in multiple resolutions.
Videos and articles approaching 1000.
I would like to add user image galleries, perhaps a forum.
There will be blocks of profile advertising.
All messages are moderated.
PS. I diligently read tutorials on mezzanine.
For history, the list is here - derpington.de/tutorials-for-learning-mezzanine-cms

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pcdesign, 2015-02-16

Okay, everything is convenient.
Made an Internet shop on this thing.
No complaints.
True, the store is English-speaking, so it was not possible to test with the Russian language.
Well, python 3.4 is still supported.
On it, everything took off for me.

Alexander, 2015-02-16

Chose CMS. Saw, yuzal specified by you. They did not understand why we need a CMS, which it is not clear who will then support it.

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