Alexander2015-10-11 15:46:57
Alexander, 2015-10-11 15:46:57

Anyone got access to the new movie search api?

On the help page of the new film search, they assure that they are distributing api, upon request, has anyone received it at all?
The application was sent on the 8th.

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Sergey Tsepelev, 2015-10-28

They answered, they promise to settle those within a month. questions and run the API, provide access to the documentation.
Here is the data you can get:

We have 7 ready-made "sets" of data that we are ready to provide. You can also assemble your own set of any 4 data types.
A = main facts + rating
B = main facts + rating + reviews
C = main facts + rating + schedule
D = main facts + rating + synopsis
E = rating
F = extended facts + rating
J = own set of any N types of movie data
basic facts = name (ru) | original title | year | country (all) | director | genre (all) | actors | time (chronomterazh) | age (restrictions in ru)
extended facts = basic facts + slogan | screenwriter | producer | operator | composer | installation | premiere (world) | premiere (by user's geo) | actors (TOP-N?) | synopsis | poster

Puma Thailand, 2015-10-11

So its current rolled out right now, the current bugs are corrected by what nafig api, one and a half working days have passed as you requested.

Oleg Shevelev, 2015-10-11

The application was also sent on the eighth day, while there was no answer.
What would you like to do if you have such an API?
Update November 20 in the comments...

Alexander, 2015-10-11

Likewise. On the 9th in the morning the request was sent. No answer

epexa, 2015-10-28

Posted October 21st. No answer

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