CrimsonThunder2014-03-23 02:48:10
Active Directory
CrimsonThunder, 2014-03-23 02:48:10

Any real experience with using an SSD on a not-too-big enterprise domain controller?

Have a nice day, dear colleagues!
I plan to "pump" HP ProLiant MicroServer with two Intel 520 Series 240 GB SSDs in RAID 1. The server must perform the following main tasks: a domain controller with group policy storage, WSUS, Windows Deployment Services. Other than that, DHCP, DNS, storage of distributions, a small web server for a few internal pages, but there shouldn't be any problems here at all. In stock - the second CD, already focused on reliability.
In theory, the number of write operations when used in the above roles should not grow quickly, and my logic does not see the error. But the feeling of a little anxiety does not leave the soul.
Is this a good idea? Who has real experience of creation of similar configurations? Can there be problems with any of the indicated roles?
Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Puma Thailand, 2014-03-23

None if you and ordinary disks manage
the feeling of anxiety is solved by the presence of backup and monitoring

nfire, 2014-03-24

I met the opinion that doing raid from ssd is a useless task, because. if they die, they die almost simultaneously. Well or at least to do from disks of different manufacturers/models.

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