GeraldIstar2016-06-19 10:15:33
GeraldIstar, 2016-06-19 10:15:33

Any good scala play slick articles/tutorials?

Started learning scala and playframework. If play has more or less good documentation, then the dock is completely incomprehensible to me by the slick. Are there any materials that explain how to work with it in a simpler / clearer way? Under a more or less current version.
Thank you.

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Rail Khusnutdinov, 2016-06-27

Try to take examples of initial projects on play and slick in github and parse them, make something based on them. They helped me.
For example, here is an example on their (play) account https://github.com/playframework/play-slick/tree/m...
Here is an example of a good library for implementing authentication / authorization / identification https://github.com/sbrunk/ play-silhouette-slick-seed

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