iVARIOUS2017-07-26 20:21:53
iVARIOUS, 2017-07-26 20:21:53

Any examples of blinking LED on intel core i7?

The latest Intel models for laptops are very good in nanometers and economy, and it seems that on small batteries, without the extra elements that laptops and PCs have, such a processor can last a long time. Are there any code examples where such experiments were done - using PC processors as microcontrollers? Such an example would show the architecture and the x86 interface itself quite well.

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Fixid, 2017-07-26

A processor without strapping is just a piece of silicon.
Now there is no GPIO as such. Everything is implemented through third-party controllers on a common bus.
So it's easier to plug in an arduino and get GPIO via USB.
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OnYourLips, 2017-07-26

using PC processors as microcontrollers
For example, because there is no RAM.

amambaru, 2017-09-01

  1. You just have not yet seen what microcontrollers are capable of in terms of efficiency. For example, the MSP430 microcontroller can live from a watch battery for years . They are often used as controls for autonomous sensors.
  2. To turn the i7 into an analogue microcontroller - you will need to add a bunch of strapping to it. From the usual - RAM + flash memory - it's cheaper to get from the usual mass production, taking a regular motherboard and an mSATA, M.2 standard flash module . Plus, add an I / O board - and this is no longer a mass product and is expensive.

Vladimir T, 2017-07-29

There are boards for x86-based embedded devices (not Core i7, of course): https://geektimes.ru/post/290679/ . There is GPIO. You can buy one and try it.

semen-pro, 2017-08-03

You can mount a thermistor with a comparator on the processor and connect an LED to the output. You can blink by changing the processor load. But why?
PS: Although, for modding it will do)

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