SmiritelnayaRubashka2020-02-13 17:52:56
IT education
SmiritelnayaRubashka, 2020-02-13 17:52:56

Any advice for a student please?

Hello. I ask you not to immediately throw tomatoes, I can say something wrong, etc., that's why I came to ask for help from an experienced audience.

I am 15 years old, I am fond of programming. There is only layout behind my back.
In general, I'm going to connect my life with coding, because it's great for me when I even write something simple in python and make up even, even though it's a nonentity.
I want to decide on my future sphere in it.
I read that there are a lot of front-end workers right now, and the competition is big.
I'm thinking about learning android development? Might be a good idea.
((do not judge, I am waiting for answers that will really help me decide on my future sphere)

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Andrew, 2020-02-13

Learn what you like, pumped skills in one language / technology stack will help you understand another.
And the "further area in IT" can change every 3 years. Today, front-end workers, tomorrow every second one will be a specialist in "data analysis", the day after tomorrow something else.

Lord_Dantes, 2020-02-13

I also started my journey at 15.
Believe me, it's better to choose a niche where there are a lot of people and become the best among them than to be the best where only the best are left. I have a small chat in the telegram where we communicate and help newcomers, if you are interested, write back.

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