stip2014-11-08 16:47:02
stip, 2014-11-08 16:47:02

Antutu shows false data. How to find out the real information about the smartphone?

I bought a phone from aliexpress. The description says that there are 8 cores, but under the full load of the phone, only 2 cores are active. How can I collect real technical data about the phone? I want to send them to aliexpress support so that they cover up this seller and people do not buy from him.
Antutu shows a rating of 38682, but if you go to chart mode, then there are already 9682

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Sergey Lerg, 2014-11-08

Here's another video about Lenovo fakes

386DX, 2014-11-08

Climb through the android power settings. My CPUZ also shows 1 core active, 3 sleeping, until you enable maximum performance

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