MAXH02011-09-29 09:39:53
MAXH0, 2011-09-29 09:39:53

Antivirus updated not over the Internet by a girl ... Is it possible?

There is a computer not connected to the Internet. Suffering from viruses on flash drives. The village is deaf cellular and the Internet is not caught. But the hostess is in the city and I could update the databases through her ...
What antivirus would you recommend. Preferably a free…

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holyorb2, 2011-09-29

Updates easily, just one zip file from me select
Update -> Manual update…
then just select the file

Killy, 2011-09-29

Avast. The updater is here in the form of an executable: http://www.avast.com/download-update
Very convenient.
But prevention is better than cure, so autorun flash drives really need to be disabled.
My recipe (for Windows XP):
1. install WindowsXP-KB967715-x86-RUS.exe and WindowsXP-KB971029-x86-RUS.exe
2. execute a reg file with the following content: (Too lazy to google again where the recipe came from.)
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

ForeverYoung, 2011-09-29

And disable AUTORUN from media.

FFNull Dev, 2011-09-29

DrWeb CureIt + AVZ4.
AVZ databases are downloaded as archives and AVZ does not require installation

Roman Kutenko, 2011-09-30

Here is a good portal where databases for various antiviruses, including free ones, are almost regularly updated. Of the free ones, I like AVG the most, it also has auto-checking of flash drives in the settings, and the quality of the check is pretty good.
updates for various antiviruses

akoK, 2011-09-29

1. Disable autorun from removable media. For AVZ, you will use AVZ once
, menu "File - Run script" - Copy the script below - Press the "Run" button. Disables all autorun except CD drives 2. Cumulative updates for AVZ can be downloaded: But note that signature detection hasn't been updated for a long time. To operate AVZ normally, you need experience and knowledge. Create a restricted user to work with dangerous content?
RegKeyIntParamWrite('HKLM','SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer','NoDriveTypeAutoRun', 221);


Roman Kutenko, 2011-09-30

In follow-up to my previous comment. Here's another good site . Unlike the previous one, it contains direct links to AB bases from official sites

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