MAXH02013-10-14 09:00:57
MAXH0, 2013-10-14 09:00:57

Antivirus on Android. Superstition or necessity?

A friend of mine asked for advice and I don't even know what to say.

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OnYourLips, 2013-10-14

IMHO now it is not needed, but in a couple of years it may already be needed.
Android has a very sad situation with updates (short support period, updates are delayed for half a year, etc.), so at least an alternative browser should be used.

Nikolai Turnaviotov, 2013-10-14

Probably, first of all, you need to think - if some thread of the screen saver wants access to gps, data transfer, sms phone book, etc., it can mean that either it (screensaver) was written by a lazy crooked programmer who did not read mana and wrote in the manifest of the requirement - completely to all services for this (data) and this (gps) and that one (phone book), but this is just a beautiful screensaver with cats, or that in addition to showing cute cats on the screen, this “screensaver” will send spam via email, sms (well, or a couple of paid numbers) or wait for a command from the botnet operator.
In general, you probably need to use proven programs from the market, although high ratings also wind up, so I would read about it on the net before installing the program I liked from the market.
In the markets, unfortunately, the biggest sadness is the presence of kilotons of incomprehensible slag and all sorts of hello worlds with calculators of "common truths"

Alexey Smirnov, 2013-10-14

Looking for someone. If there is no certainty that the user will not download and install the "new update for Flesh Player" (c) or decide to "clean up his Android", then it is better to install.

IrkDesigner, 2013-10-14

The answer is based only on personal experience - the antivirus on android is useless for me. Just like an antivirus. Stood for more than a year as an Anti theft solution. I used it when I lost my phone, as a program for blocking blacklists of callers, in a word - I used a bunch of additional functions, but the main one - antivirus - was never useful.
IMHO, the best antivirus for android is “the same pad”, the owner-user. You read and think about permissions for software, you don’t follow phishing links - you won’t catch viruses in any way. Well, if the user is a complete noob - put it, it won't be worse.

vovagubin1987, 2013-10-14

Needed of course. After all, as you know, where honey is smeared, there are bees)))
But of course, the best protection is the head and straight arms.

FullThrottle, 2013-10-15

Antiviruses for mobile operating systems are at a stage of development that does not allow them to detect even slightly modified malicious code:
“Absolutely all the antiviruses for mobile devices that participated in the testing stopped detecting malicious components known to them after a deep modification of the latter. Code obfuscation included encryption, call redirection, and insertion of garbage fragments...
Known threats were no longer detected in the experiment even after such trivial procedures as renaming the installation package and changing metadata fields.”

From here

macik, 2013-10-15

I think if people install programs, then you definitely need an antivirus! Otherwise, two weeks and it will be a zombie ...

rozhik, 2013-10-15

Antivirus without root is a funny thing. Protects only from children's attacks. This makes NO sense. For it slows down, but there is very little sense.
It is a completely different matter that there are a huge number of Trojan programs on Google Play. And the antivirus won't do anything about it.

Sergey, 2013-10-14

I would put it on “a familiar girl”, but I wouldn’t turn on the real-time check, but would teach me how to periodically run a scan.

lex_t, 2013-10-14

Never needed an antivirus. You have to think with your head what you put.

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