Alexander Kobyshev2015-02-27 13:06:42
Windows Server
Alexander Kobyshev, 2015-02-27 13:06:42

Antivirus for webserver?

Good afternoon!
At one fine moment, I decided to transfer my sites from regular hosting to VDS running Windows Server 2012.
In general, I transferred everything and a question arose. How can this whole thing be effectively protected?
Thank you for your attention)

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hermit, 2015-02-27

You do not need an antivirus, but you need to configure a firewall, close all unnecessary open ports, etc. Nmap check open ports. Well, roll all the updates, the antivirus does not save from the vulnerabilities of Windows.

Vladimir Martyanov, 2015-02-27

Protect from what? Well, you must immediately understand: no AB guarantees 100% protection.

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