archibalt2012-08-31 13:51:09
archibalt, 2012-08-31 13:51:09

Antivirus for a weak laptop?


Please tell me which advise to install an antivirus for a weak laptop

AMD Turion (tm) 64 Mobile
Technology ML-32
800 MHz

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Nickel3000, 2012-08-31

I would recommend MSE. Pretty easy, free, with reasonable behavior it is enough.

Vorchun, 2012-08-31

I have Toshiba Celeron 1.5M, 1Gb of RAM. Worth win7 and mse. I don't notice him.

Laroy, 2012-08-31


felize, 2012-08-31

Avira. Catches not even viruses :)

ftp13, 2012-08-31

Antivirus does not always help, it’s a good option to install Linux (but if you want win, I’ll give you one piece of advice - don’t be a mug and don’t see each other on a scam)

Ilya, 2012-08-31

Join Avast

standrew, 2012-08-31

Turion ML-32 has a maximum frequency of 1800 MHz. I advise you, on occasion, to replace it with an analogue from the MT line, for example MT-40. Everything has already been said about antiviruses above. I can only clarify the Linux version: Lubuntu or Linux Mint.

dotme, 2012-08-31

Personally, I have been using comodo for quite a long time and on different machines (from very stunted - PIII-550MHz-512Mb, to quite sane - Athlon-64-X2-DualCore-2.71MHz-4Gb) there are no complaints. It almost does not require settings, it does not scream unnecessarily, it updates the databases silently and on time. Plus, you can install not only an antivirus, but a full set of goodies (CIS - there is a free and PRO version) .
PS Although one of my acquaintances claims that all this, incl. and previous advice, from the evil one. For he himself manages with constant system updates and the use of a limited account. How to know. For an amateur. I often try to shove flash drives of unknown origin into cars, I think that I personally need an antivirus as a means of timely notification.

verwolfdotss, 2012-09-01

I would advise you to do without antivirus.

eugenius_nsk, 2012-09-02

Go here - www.av-comparatives.org/comparativesreviews/performance-tests - and choose which one you like. You can also pay attention to efficiency tests - they are there nearby.

Alexander Khokhlov, 2012-09-02

Almost all antiviruses heavily load the system. If you only need a laptop to run an antivirus on it, then you can choose any. If you need to work, then install linux or leave win without an antivirus, but follow certain security rules, for example, do not constantly surf the Internet, do not go to entertainment sites, do not run applications and pictures received from untrusted sources. For some situations, Firefox may be more helpful with NoScript add-ons, AdB+… I.e. with normal hands it is possible to live and without an antivirus.

dice, 2012-09-02

I recommend the free version of AVG. I put it on different computers - it works smartly everywhere. I do not advise MSE - after a while I began to regularly hang the browser, while loading the processor by 100%.

ZUZ, 2012-09-02

For the future - you don’t have an 800 MHz processor, but 1800 (you probably looked at the processor in the System Properties and saw 800 there - this is due to energy saving. At the time of opening the System Properties, it is difficult to catch the processor at its true frequency).
PS I know, because I myself have a laptop on the MT-30 - and it also jumps from 800 to 1600.

Ceiceron, 2012-09-02

You can do without antivirus. For example, a browser or potentially dangerous software should be placed in a sandbox. And if suddenly something goes wrong, then we clean the sandbox and get rid of malware. Avast has a sandbox, but Avast itself is needed for its operation. You can take a clean sandbox, for example esc: www.eugenuine.com/ is recognized as the fastest virtual environment, there is a virtual desktop, you can use it when working with flash drives.

godAlex, 2012-09-08

I did not test antiviruses, therefore I will advise another option, which in any case will be useful. Do not sit under the root, create a simple user, and in case of virus infection, delete the user account and create a new one. You can have several accounts: in one important work, and the other for browsing the Internet, in which nothing of value should be kept.

soloveynet, 2012-10-25

MSE on weak computers starts to slow down after a while, try Avira Free - I put it on weak PCs and netbooks - it works fine (it slows down a little only when loading).

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