yuuyake2010-10-25 12:06:04
yuuyake, 2010-10-25 12:06:04

Antivirus for a small corporate network

I want to know the opinion of Khabrovchan.

There is a network of ~ 70 machines, all WinXP, a couple of Win2k3 servers, mail and a gateway on Linux, there is a domain, but there are a lot of laptops with XP Home Edition, which, accordingly, are not in the domain. Now there is an antivirus of Symantec Corporate of the 10th version. I inherited from two previous generations of admins. It needs to be changed, as it has become very often unable to cope and it is not clear what is going on with the license. We want to buy a new, licensed, reliable one. The choice is between Symantec, NOD32, Dr.Web, Kaspersky, but maybe I missed something, what should I pay attention to?

Reliability is required and that all management is carried out from one console. No firewall or antispam required. Only protection against malware. The platform for the server part is also not important in principle, but if you can deploy everything on Linux and serve Windows machines, then it will be just super (it seems Dr.Web can do this).

As I understand it, everyone has centralized control, everyone is praised, everyone is scolded, jambs were noticed behind everyone. Of these 4 antiviruses, I do not like only Kaspersky, for reasons that lie somewhere deep in the past. The rest, in principle, cause sympathy for one reason or another. All 3 have helped at some point, but all 3 have been and missed the infection. Recently, I liked the work of NOD32 and Dr.Web, but this is again a very subjective opinion.

The option to put everyone on Ubuntu is not acceptable, alas.

The price of the issue at this stage does not play a role. We need an offer to the authorities, the best, albeit the most expensive. If they say “no”, then I will look for options.

What do you advise?

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Sergey, 2010-10-25

I once used eset in a similar size small office (~150 PCs). He was happy as an elephant, he really liked the admin panel, and after the then pirated CAV, the computers began to work somehow more cheerfully.
Do not even try to ask the philosophical question about the “best antivirus”, it is meaningless. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, someone will miss this virus, and someone else. Put everything in turn on a small group of PCs, look at the admin panels, at the work of the stations (break the network into test groups). Based on the results of the test, you will see which antiviruses are more compatible with your PC, software and users.

alex_dredd, 2010-10-25

Network of 50 computers. We use Kaspersky Workspace Security 6.0. For 3 years no problems arose. Another advantage worth noting is the convenient centralized management of antiviruses on all computers using Kaspersky Administration Kit.
The cost of a license for 50 computers for a year is ~6500 UAH (~$800)

Cheese, 2010-10-25

hmm, what's the problem with ordering trial versions and seeing them in action? LK definitely gives trial versions, the rest, I think, too.
from LC, by the way, Total Space Security suits you, everything is there, including Linux, just specify your distribution kit.

Dmitry, 2010-10-26

Implemented Dr.web ES on a fleet of 40 machines. Everything turned around easily and works without straining either me or the users. In general, I can rate the system at 4 plus

Sergey, 2015-11-10

Leaders are Kaspersky and Symantek.
I personally recently demolished Kaspersky and installed Simantek and I don’t know grief.
The admin panel is more convenient, users are happy. It slows down the system less than Kaspersky.

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