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Antispam plugin for Wordpress?

Recommend a plugin for Wordpress.
Disclaimer: Template theme purchased from ThemeForest (Avada by Theme-Fusion). Used Akismet plugin and also together with it "Better WordPress reCAPTCHA (support Akismet and Contact Form 7)". The first one protects against spam in comments, the second unobtrusively helps to fight auto-registration of bots, and in case of a message similar to unwanted in a comment, it displays a recaptcha.
With the second problem, in order to correctly integrate it into the topic, you need to tinker a lot, but that's not the point, it does not quite suit you. That's why.
Is there any solution (plugin), preferably in "one bottle" to perform two roles:
1. Protection from registrations of bots / spammers on the site;
2. Protection of comments (spam filter) to posts.
It would be ideal if he also worked with bbPress at the same time.
Advise your options for the plugin (s), please.
There are so many of them for Wordpress that I would prefer to turn to professionals who work daily with this CMS and have enough experience in protecting a blog / site.

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