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Mail server
PooH_, 2018-10-22 06:38:05

Anti-spam filter with confirmation by link. There are such?

You need to make a cunning anti-spam filter:
- a letter from an unknown email arrives at the mail server, by default it goes into a certain quarantine
- the sender flies the letter "confirm that you are a person, then we will receive a letter from you" with a unique link
- the sender clicks on the link - the letter flies from quarantine to the address
- the confirmed email is marked as checked in the database, further letters go without checks and delays.
I know this behavior exists in some helpdesks (for example, Billmanager from ISPsystem). Does anyone know examples for regular mail servers? For example exim/postfix
Google gave nothing good.

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Dimonchik, 2018-10-22

no, because it is easy to manage
in helpdesk, this is not for anti-spam, but for non-spam of other people's soaps

Sergey, 2018-10-22

I doubt that someone has done something like this, antispam is designed to facilitate the work of the MTA, and the essence of your question is, on the contrary, to create a load on the MTA

CityCat4, 2018-10-22

Are you so bothered by your own ... personal belongings that you certainly want angry users to cut them off with blunt scissors? : DDD
Here, for a five-minute delay in receiving the letter, the removal of the mosquito is already beginning, and you propose to make a second request. Yes, the user will forget about this notification, especially if it is in their native English and will rather complain to the boss that the mail does not reach ...

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