inoname2010-09-14 21:31:26
inoname, 2010-09-14 21:31:26

Anti-reflective film?

Now the market is full of laptops and monitors with a glossy screen. Everyone who has worked with such screens has a problem with glare.
Tell me, please, does anyone have experience with the use of anti-reflective film? Does it worsen viewing angles, screen brightness, color saturation, etc.? Are there other nuances? What are the downsides? Price? Can you recommend a manufacturer.

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schursin, 2010-09-15

I used a film from Brando Workshop on a PDA.
Films come with different light transmission, in the range of 50-99%.
The higher this indicator, the worse the film saves from glare, but at the same time, the color reproduction is better.
75-85% is considered optimal - at this value, if you do not find fault, the colors remain at the same level, and the glare is noticeably reduced. The rest, of course, is an amateur, felt-tip pens - they are different, after all.

lehha, 2010-09-16

Visibility does not deteriorate, but the glamorous glare is increasingly better to remove - I bought a simple film when buying a laptop. 3 years - great flight.
Moreover, the film will help to keep the "virgin" cleanliness of the screen and before selling it will not have scratches.

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