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Vi, 2016-04-07 17:00:57

Ansible change ssh port without changing inventory file?

In general, how to change the port of the ssh server using ansible-playbook so that you do not change the configuration file later?
otherwise if I run ansible so that it changes the port on the server, then I then have to change the connection port itself in the file

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Konkase, 2016-04-07

- local_action: lineinfile dest={{ inventory_file }} regexp='^{{ inventory_hostname }}.*' line='{{ inventory_hostname }} ansible_ssh_port={{ new_port }}' state=present

Pavel Selivanov, 2016-04-07

If the ssh port changes on the server, then it must be changed in the configuration file, otherwise this file will become inoperable. It is possible, as Konkase suggested , to edit the file automatically from the same ansible. You can use dynamic inventory and get data about servers, groups and their parameters, including the port, from somewhere in the database / api of the cloud provider, etc. But even in this case, you will have to change this value in this database.

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