tugo2016-01-12 04:21:10
tugo, 2016-01-12 04:21:10

Another single-board Linux computer: what kind of software is needed for the project to be in demand and live for some time?

The question is inspired by another Raspberry Pi killer - Pine A64 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pine64/pine-a...
$19 and better Raspberry Pi 2B.
What should a computer manufacturer give, what software, drivers, what else, so that his computer does not become just another piece of textolite with microcircuits?
It seems that Banana Pi was a killer, and other Pies, and Odroid ...
I want to put this computer into products, stands, layouts that do not need super reliability. When it fails, a piece of iron is thrown out, a new one from the store is put in its place.
So far, I don’t see any options for myself other than the Raspberry Pi, only because of the mass release and the large community.
Yes, and reading the news, like Linus Torvalds announced the release of the Linux 4.4 L kernel ...in the second paragraph we see

...added KMS driver for "raspberry" (Raspberry Pi)...

A small answer to my question forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/491-need-help-on...
I learned for myself that I should not pay attention to Allwinner. Now fine.

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Damir Sinitsyn, 2016-01-12

Software, drivers? Are you serious?
There must be something unique in any new product - either a huge community (hello Raspbery Pi), or a new, unique technology / opportunity, otherwise the product will simply be of no interest to anyone with all its firewood and software will fly to sweep the local dump. Raspberi Pi only saves a huge number of people using it at the moment and a huge amount of accumulated experience in modifying it and all sorts of tricks.

Alexander Burov, 2016-01-21

From the software, firstly, firewood is needed for everything available on this piece of iron, which:
1) workers;
2) in source codes.
Secondly, a toolchain, which can collect everything for a given piece of iron.
Thirdly, a ready-made bench distribution kit; with demo software, if this piece of hardware has some special equipment (it seems to already have it, according to the information from the site).
Optionally, a Windows IDE with a debugger, for use by young arduinos.

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