propovednik2013-08-28 06:55:36
propovednik, 2013-08-28 06:55:36

Another search for a multilingual CMS?

For a long, long time I have been looking for a multilingual management system in PHP, and it will not be used to translate five-page sites into a second language, there are no problems with them, but to work, for example, a trilingual news site with tens of thousands of materials.
What I want:
1. Multilingualism should not be implemented by creating a second site with the same design, each material, menu item and in general everything has its own one and only one translation. Those. the contents of the language versions are exactly the same, if there is no translation of something, a string from the default translation is shown.
2. Control of language versions. If you have 12 languages ​​​​on your site and 20 content managers in different parts of the world are engaged in them, then, to put it mildly, it is inconvenient to follow all their actions. A simple example: there is the text of an article in Russian, English and German. The text in Russian changes, the Englishman and the German should find out about this (to see that an article has appeared in which the text has changed). Complex example: English, Russian, Ukrainian and German text about the Ukrainian branch. Ukrainians change the text in Ukrainian. This should be seen by the Russian content manager in order to give it to the Ukrainian-Russian translator. After the appearance of a new Russian text, they are already translating into German and English.
3. What is used almost as often on typical sites as regular materials? CCK, content building systems. I would like CMS to offer CCK out of the box and multilingualism was done similarly to multilingualism in materials.
Other wishes:
- only translation rights. For serious sites, it is highly undesirable that the translator could, even if by accident, do something with the original text.
— translation from an arbitrary language into an arbitrary one. Let's say we have an article in Russian, we translated it into English. Now we want a German translator from Berlin to translate the English version into German. In most multilingual solutions, he will have to copy the English translation, translate, then open the Russian article, select "translate into German" and only then paste the result of the work. I would like the translator to have before his eyes the "original" in an arbitrary language and the ability to translate it into the target language.
What I don't like with what I'm already working with:
Joomla 3
The system allegedly implemented multilingualism, but it would be better not to have it. Each menu item, module, and material has a "Language" property. To create language versions of the site, you need to duplicate all the content. When changing content in the main language, it is not clear at all what needs to be updated in other languages.
There are components that make this easier, for example, the veteran JoomFish, using which in version 1.5 we had exactly what we needed, but now the logic of the component has changed and, for example, articles are duplicated for regular content. There are components that took into account all the errors of JoomFish, for example KMFasTrans (they even have the ability to translate from any language to any, it's very convenient), but their authors wanted to put on integration with other CCK components, such as K2 .
Multilingual in the form of copying all content to another site. Thank you, don't: as I said, if the site is not five-page and more than 2 languages, then you can't follow it. Means for translating the interface into another language are available, perhaps, in all decent CMS.
ShopScript (WebAssyst)
When creating products and pages, you are also prompted to enter all data in other languages ​​specified in the system. This is probably what you need, but nowhere can you see if there is a translation of a certain article into English, and as a CMS with CCK it is not very convenient.
I know that you can take any CMS and write your own extension, but I would like my desires to be a built-in feature. Can you please tell me how can I achieve what I want?

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82vladimir82, 2013-08-28

Functionality similar to yours will appear when a competent customer is found, implements it all with the contractor at least on Bitrix, at least on Drupal, and the contractor will subsequently refine it into some additional ones. modules and upload them to the marketplace. Perhaps such solutions already exist on the market, but most likely in foreign countries.

Vladimir Sokolovsky, 2013-08-28

Once I looked in the direction of www.fork-cms.com/ , the simplicity of the organization of multilingualism was just captivating in it. Yes, and modularity is organized more or less simply.

Nazar Mokrinsky, 2013-08-28

I added such a feature of multilingual content to my CMS initially, one entity can have several language representations ( example site ), but in order to get the desired functionality in exactly the form you need, you still have to either edit the standard components or write new ones using the core API .

UncleByte, 2013-08-28

Try TYPO3, it might work. It implements multilingualism in one page tree, while it is possible to implement both one-to-one localization and different content for different languages. The system allows you to grant rights to editors only for certain languages ​​and for different "workspaces" (i.e. the editor does his work in the "draft", and the higher editor or admin approves the changes and transfers them to the "clean draft").
You can read more here - docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/FrontendLocalizationGuide/ - I'm not sure that there is an adequate Russian translation, so I give a link to English.

dutchakdev, 2013-08-28

I would suggest ModX

develop3r, 2013-09-04

Take a look at ImageCMS , free, open-source, and bilingual implemented.
Link to GitHub .

Andrey Savrasov, 2013-11-20

I didn’t quite understand about the implementation of multilingualism in Bitrix. For components, there are lang files in which you specify translations for everything. And you don't need to copy everything everywhere GetMessage("SOME_MESSAGE_CODE"); And langs are written to the corresponding label. And for news, a property is simply created, for example, EN_DESCRIPT, RUS_DESCRIPT, and a description in several languages ​​​​is hammered there. So everything is quite flexible and convenient.

Dmitry Umanets, 2014-01-09

I could advise our CMS, on which our news portal operates (although it is in Ukrainian, there is multilingualism). But you still need to top up. If it's interesting. write to skype dimoooon3

Alexander Reshetnyak, 2014-08-31

take a closer look at CMS Status-X status-x.ru
in principle, the implementation of all normal cms support for other languages ​​is the same,
in the form of language files like
in russian.txt basket ="basket"
in english.txt basket="basket"
in japan.txt basket = "カート"
in china.txt basket ="购物车"
(^ ^)

Alexander, 2015-02-13
Madzhugin @Suntechnic

And yes - it is not necessary to copy all the content in Bitrix. Following the standard path is stupid. This is hell. And then it is impossible to maintain such a site.
But you can make more or less tolerable bilingualism, but you have to tinker.

velykov, 2015-07-10

we implemented similar functionality in jawi, if you are interested, you can discuss it, I will tell you in more detail

privet_4ybak, 2019-04-17

InstantCMS will help you along with this component . It looks like it should fit!

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