Maxim2016-07-06 15:26:55
Maxim, 2016-07-06 15:26:55

Another question on training, is it worth writing on tutorials?

Good day.
On Habré there are many tutorials on various topics. There are also a bunch of topics like "how to be a beginner", in these topics everyone is advised to learn, read, invent and write (this is me in short).
The crux of the matter is this. Is it possible to learn programming if you write according to these tutorials, or will I not get any sense other than typing on the keyboard (this is like practice, theory, I read and teach smart books)? After all, even after studying the literature and PL, you will need to write, and I can’t even imagine how to write some kind of web application using any PL.
Sorry for the confusion of thought, I hope they will understand me and answer :) Thank you.

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Rafael™, 2016-07-06

start with structured programming:
any program is built from entities: sequence, branching, cycle, subroutines,
in addition, you must be able to display data on the screen (in web programming, this is css and dom)
and you must be able to save data to a local file or to a
standard file on the server data is json: number, string, yes-no-null, object-set, object-array
- in the beginning you need to understand this and do the simplest bicycles

Sergey Zelensky, 2016-07-06

It is worth it, but not stupidly rewriting, but studying

Konstantin Nagibovich, 2016-07-06

Costs. But you need to do this thoughtfully - understanding what each line of code does. Try to change the proposed code to suit your needs or for educational purposes. Try not to lock yourself up when problems or questions arise - ask more experienced comrades.
After that, ideally, create your project. Let it be small, let it be of little use, but so that it is a complete application.
I wish you success on your path.

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