nfire2017-02-10 10:28:16
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nfire, 2017-02-10 10:28:16

Another question about licenses for Server 2016. How many and what kind of licenses do you need?

There is a hyper-v server, it has two virtual machines: a domain and a terminal server. Users (and computers) 35, but at the same time on the terminal server is no more than 25 (usually about 20). What is the minimum number of licenses to buy? Is it necessary to buy 35 user and 35 terminal licenses or is 25 enough? And is it possible to get by with licenses for the device.

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Rsa97, 2017-02-10

Windows RDS CAL - by the number of users or devices working with terminal services, whichever is more profitable. A device license allows multiple users to work with it, a user license allows it to work from different devices.
Windows CAL - by the number of devices working with the server (terminal access, shared folders, shared printers).
The number of simultaneously working users does not matter, licenses are needed for everyone, you can reassign every three months, EMNIP.

other_letter, 2017-02-10

Don't be a child.
Call MS, they have great support. Call any of their partners.
Your question is simple, it doesn't require the brains of the community.

Stanislav, 2017-02-11

Win Server 2016 is licensed per core. Therefore, in addition to the number of users, you need to know exactly how many processors and how many cores are on a physical server and how much will be allocated to each virtual machine.

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