Dmitry2011-09-01 13:13:39
Dmitry, 2011-09-01 13:13:39

Another question about choosing a phone?

Should I take HTC HD2 for 9k and put androyd \ vf7 there or can I see something more interesting?
What are the advantages of HD2:
1. Price
2. Large screen
3. Ability to install multiple platforms at once (sorry for iOS, otherwise it would be a complete set)
4. Good functionality
1. The phone is very large, I'm afraid it will be inconvenient to carry around
2. The design is outdated, there are not enough touch buttons
3. Alternative firmware is still non-native, will everything be OK with them? (Wp7 is especially interested)
I'm going to use the phone to make calls, as a player, reader, surf the Internet, IM, and, well, I can indulge in little things with applications. I also want to try to write mobile applications (maybe I will have to soon), in this sense it is good that there is an opportunity to install several operating systems on the phone.
Probably, similar questions have already bothered everyone here, but I'm really bad at this and I don't know what is better to take.

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sskalmykov, 2011-09-01

I think that for 9k you need to take. The phone just seems big, and even in my non-giant palm lies quite confidently. If you look in the direction of something more interesting, you will have to expand the budget greatly.
ps Damn... I don't know why, but all the "either or" questions make me immediately remember the old joke about the choice of beer... I am
faced with the choice of what to take - the old miller vs bochkarev. They cost about the same. I mainly plan to use it in the evening, in the city, or in nature. Less often in the morning at home. I am not a professional, I take it for myself, therefore, supporters of only draft Warsteiners and Guinnesses, please do not criticize the choice - there is no money for them yet, but I really want to drink, because I have not been able to decide for more than a month.
Of the light ones, Bochkarev has a plus - more degrees - 5.2 versus 4.6 for the miller.
Does it greatly affect the result? If you chase degrees, in principle, a different model of the miller - "Golden" also gives 5.2, but I heard that the expected quality gives not a degree, but a quantity - is this true. He held it himself yesterday in the store, does the Old Miller seem to lie better in the hand, or is it only at first and then you get used to anyone? Bochkarev has a plus - he produces branded nuts, although they are difficult to find, and the miller has never done this. Will nuts from other manufacturers work, or is it better with branded ones?
Of course, professionals will start talking about a different format ... if you want real quality, take vodka or cognac right away, but so far I have a limited budget. In addition, there you immediately have to spend a lot on a snack, and on accessories - glasses and plates. Yes, and not everywhere is convenient - in the city, for example, it will be more difficult, the gaps must be correctly set, otherwise they say the noise will come out later. In general, this is no longer for a beginner.
I read all the forums, the reviews are very different everywhere, I just got confused.
Please speak out who really constantly uses, and not only saw or held in his hands once. Interested in the first result.

mistako, 2011-09-01

Costs! Such broad support for mobile operating systems is not available in other phones. As for the cons:
1) Yes, it's huge
2" For me, on the contrary, the hardware buttons are much more convenient, especially in everything related to receiving and rejecting calls.
3) I had HD2 7 months ago and even then the android firmware was extremely stable. I think things have gotten better since then.

Anatoly, 2011-09-01

2. The design is outdated, there are not enough touch buttons
That's it for nothing, having worked with the touch buttons, 80% of the people want hard buttons, for example, I will never switch to touch buttons =)
3. Alternative firmware is still non-native, everything will definitely be fine with them OK? (I'm especially interested in wp7)
alternative firmware is not just “OK”, they sometimes work many times better than native ones;) (although I won’t say for wp7, it’s new, not everything is so clear with it)

artamonovg, 2011-09-01

You can take HTC Desire without growth ;)

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