lenyov2014-12-17 02:05:27
lenyov, 2014-12-17 02:05:27

Anonymous Hideme vpn?

Is hideme.ru vpn anonymous as described?
Or what vpn would you recommend for anonymity?

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Ilya Evseev, 2014-12-17

Formally hideme is an office in Belize.
1) Servers in Hetzner are not the best option for anonymity.
2) Some of the key employees are probably in the Russian Federation.
3) One of the domains is located in the *.ru zone
4) All payment systems listed in them are non-anonymous and obey the "laws" of the Russian Federation (although some are capable of making payments completely outside the Russian Federation).
The absence of high-profile scandals with revelations does not guarantee that no one was taken by the gills without noise. This applies to all such services.

Markus Saar, 2017-04-28

Thanks Filigranno for the answers! Everything is described correctly.
Not anymore. Plus, CloudFlare was covered, so the server location is hidden from the public.
Our employees live in different parts of our vast planet. We do not have an office or full-time employees in Russia.
Despite the fact that the .ru domain does not affect the security of our (and anyone else's) clients in any way, we changed the name and completely moved to the foreign domain https://hidemy.name (now it has all language versions). I hope you feel more comfortable that way.
Since then, Bitcoin, Skrill, OKPay and other anonymous/foreign payment systems have been added.

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