dmitriyivvvv2018-04-29 16:25:35
dmitriyivvvv, 2018-04-29 16:25:35

Anonymous functions and removeEventListener?

Good afternoon!
There is this code :

function text(a) {

Let's say I need to pass parameters to a function that will handle the event, for this I use the anonymous wrapper function.
The code:
el.addEventListener('click',  function() {
  text('it\'s finnaly working!');

The question arises, how can I then remove the event listener from this element, if the two anonymous functions are different functions and such an entry will not work:
Code :
el.removeEventListener('click',  function() {
  text('it\'s finnaly working!');

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Sergey Sokolov, 2018-04-29

It's simple: don't use anonymous functions.

var f1 = function() {
  text('it\'s finnaly working!');

el.addEventListener('click',  f1);
// ... 
el.removeEventListener('click',  f1);

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