MisoiFosti2017-09-05 13:17:59
MisoiFosti, 2017-09-05 13:17:59

Anonymous freelancing - is it possible?

Is it possible to work remotely and get some money for it without disclosing your real name and bank details? If you have any experience with this kind of activity, please share. For example, how often do employers come across who are ready to work according to such schemes. In what industries are such employers found? What is the best e-wallet to use to receive money?

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duckDonaldDuck, 2017-09-06

Yes, it's possible.
However, everything depends on the method of withdrawing money.
If we are talking about large sums, these are some bank-related things - an account, a card.
And there it is important to match the name in the account and in the bank / on the card.
But in principle - it's manageable, if it gets confused, it's enough to ask the person you trust and who trusts you - to register for him.

Puma Thailand, 2017-09-05

There are two topics
Or very expensive services, well, from a hundred bucks an hour
Use, of course, a bitcoin wallet

Vladimir Kuts, 2017-09-05

And what do you think - is there anyone who is ready to give the project for development to some anonymous person who can dump at any moment, or issue a code of unpredictable quality, accompanied by which there are guaranteed to be problems with support.

Host-Eiweb, 2017-09-05

In your case, there are two options.
In the second case, you can earn enough, but the responsibility before the law ....
Anonymity is a myth, it does not exist and never has been.
If the task is set, identification of the person is a matter of time. Constantly comply with all measures .... it is impossible, even for a trained person, just one mistake is enough.
PS: Don't post your ads on the first 100 .onion resources you find. Unless, of course, you have already made mistakes that you will regret later.

bro-dev, 2017-09-08

Make an online store selling people

mjackson, 2020-05-28

yukon.to here it is anonymous freelance with blackjack and whores.

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