nuzik2016-11-03 13:31:26
nuzik, 2016-11-03 13:31:26

Anonymity on the web. What is the bare minimum to not draw attention to yourself?

I know, a banal and hackneyed question.
But still, if the goal is not complete anonymity (as for many who ask a similar question here), but simply NOT fawn of their real IP, hardware, etc.
It is necessary to register on sites and services that do not encourage double registrations from the same computer, IP, etc., but I don’t want to buy a separate computer each time and connect to different networks)
In general, I want to know in a clear and simple language what the order needs to be done so that these sites and services do not "burn" me. Neither hardware (I plan to use one home computer), nor my true location and IP. Thanks for your answers and advice!

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Eugene_Eesti, 2016-11-03

A small gentleman's set. The last two can be ignored in your case.
You can raise an OpenVPN server and a Proxy server on regular VPS with min parameters ($7/month for 2 VPS)

oia, 2016-11-03


Eugene, 2016-11-03

Open anonymity tests (preferably a few different ones, because they use slightly different approaches):
whatismyipaddress.com/ proxy-check
Looking at the results, what we don't like. Read how to fix it. Somewhere you will need to change the browser settings, somewhere to find a proxy and / or VPN.
Everyone determines for himself the necessary set, which is minimal for him.
For someone it is important that it is not only anonymous, but also does not flash that he is going through a proxy. It is important for someone that his real ip address is simply not visible.

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