Mazahaha2020-05-12 05:31:51
Mazahaha, 2020-05-12 05:31:51

Anonsurf ubuntu does application traffic go through tor tunnels?

Good afternoon. I install anonsurf from parrot os in ubuntu, turn it on, look through the ports through netstat, not all ports are encrypted through tor, but I don’t even understand mb. I put a telegram desktop, and she determines that I'm from the Russian Federation. Immediately after installation, it prompts you to enter a German number, like the output node, BUT after restarting the application, it prompts you to switch to Russian and enter a number from Russia. And here there is one point, that sometimes when you restart the application, it prompts you to enter the node number, and sometimes the rf number. Some kind of unhealthy thing. How to pass all traffic through the tunnels and check it

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CityCat4, 2020-05-12

How to pass all traffic through tunnels

Use the tools provided for this.
- We take a VPS in Foreign countries (Holland, USA etc)
- We put strongswan there (and a proxy if desired, so that it works faster. At the first login, I apparently used the wrong cipher suites - it slowed down terribly, now nothing)
- We raise IPSec VPN on the router between the router and the VPS (on PSK, on ​​certificates - what qualifications are enough)
- We set up a policy on the router so that all traffic from the workstation goes to the tunnel - the provider's DLP sucks its paw
- Traffic "emerges" on the VPS, and since it is intended for the world - it is transmitted to world, the answer comes to the VPS, is packed into the tunnel and goes to the router.
and check it out

It's more difficult with this :) All checkers analyze data with RIPE - but in different ways. I now have a different IP, not the same as a year ago. This one I have different checkers throw in Amsterdam, Moscow and the city of Ramon, Voronezh region: DDD (although physically the IP is Dutch). Here you need to look at bgpview.io - where is it in reality.

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