Roman Progressive2019-03-24 11:06:34
Microsoft Xbox
Roman Progressive, 2019-03-24 11:06:34

Animotica XBOX ONE X Video Editor not saving project?

Hi all!
I bought myself Animotica - Video Editor, FULL PRO version
, as a result, when I try to save the modified video, it gives an error

The object must be initialized to perform the requested operation. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x00D36B6)

Maybe someone knows how to solve this problem?

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artem69488, 2019-07-04

Hello, I have the same problem, but I also can not find a solution to it ... I went to those. support there, people have the same problem, the only thing they advise is resetting the settings by pressing the power on and holding it for about 10 seconds, which will clear the cache ... I have not tried it, I think this is unlikely to help .... If someone has a real solution to the problem - write, friends ....

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