Mixa2014-12-26 00:55:06
Mixa, 2014-12-26 00:55:06

Animation tips for the site?

It turns out that not all users understand what responsive design is, and therefore, after the redesign of the site, I began to receive feedback, they say, your menu on the site was gone) Although it only turned into an adaptive one, with a traditional icon of three horizontal stripes. But since this is the case, it is necessary to somehow prompt users viewing the adaptive version, where we have a menu. Unfortunately, I am not fluent in java-script, so I hope for some semi-finished solutions that can be customized and positioned using css. Ideally, this is an animation that points to the desired element with an arrow (in my case, the menu), perhaps it “dances” a little and disappears after a while. On what can this be done?

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Sergey Melnikov, 2014-12-26

you can google "js tour plugin"

rinatoptimus, 2014-12-26

Try a pulse effect

Igor Lanko, 2014-12-26

“Traditional icon of three horizontal stripes” – this is the name of the “hamburger icon”.
Now I will dissuade you from creating such tips: how do you imagine these tips, with a viewport width of 320px (iPhone, for example)? Consider external perception, and then look for technical solutions.
Secondly, I will advise you to analyze this innovation more carefully. Redesign is when elements are updated, they become more convenient, simpler and “in a new way”. If users ask questions, then this only indicates the poor performance of the new design. Well, or, if the audience of your site is grannies and grandfathers who are not aware that the hamburger icon has been the generally accepted designation “there will be a menu right now” for 5 years.
Thirdly, you need JavaScript tooltip animation, but you do not understand it. And what do you actually expect to see here then? Google " JavaScript/jQuery tooltips " and look for ready-made solutions.

Mixa, 2014-12-26

I found this service hintarea.com + a separate script

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