fwu2018-03-20 02:54:35
fwu, 2018-03-20 02:54:35

Animation on the site?

I taught programming for some time, worked a little on sites on laravel, yii2, looked at vue for myself, and also made up a couple of projects on freelance, while I was just starting to learn frameworks. I left programming in ai, ps, ae. I think I will return as a designer to draw, design a case, and possibly animate in ae. But I thought, maybe at the same time I could make up a website. Git, gulp, webpack, saas I think I’ll quickly remember, but I almost didn’t do animation, everything related to js was focused on client logic for communicating with the server. Once I did a couple of examples on codrops, but that was all, well, standard libraries like animate.css...
I wanted to see something more advanced with js, css animation, svg, but not quite far in three.js, game development. You can suggest interesting YouTube channels, courses, etc. I just haven’t done it for a long time, but according to what I was looking for on well-known trackers, it’s like becoming a front-end programmer in 14 days (both ours and Western ones). In principle, I am looking for something similar to codrops.
I plan not to touch programming, to deal only with the appearance, animation. I don’t consider the layout itself, js, css animation as programming, as such, although the abundance of tools increases, which increases the entry threshold for a short time.
PS How do they integrate a ready-made template with the front-end framework vue, react. Would it be acceptable to give a designed site without reference to frameworks to a programmer? Again, I share the frontend part with the designer. While sometimes reading toster, I noticed personnel who, for the sake of interest, studied programming while working as designers, but I have a process in a different direction. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but I decided for myself that it’s more interesting for me to deal more with design, product concept. I think the skills that I learned in programming will not be superfluous.

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Dima Polos, 2018-03-20

Here, every Sunday, at 11.00 Kyiv time, for free: https://youtu.be/AERIjhFzuaI?list=PLswdBLT9llbjS2o...

Andrew, 2018-03-20

The combination of understanding and skills in design and animation with programming skills is a great feature for a specialist. It usually happens that programmers (coders) should not be let into the design for a cannon shot - there is simply no taste, and if there is, then it is not a fact that it can be translated into a product. And vice versa, there are even more designers without a concept in programming. Animation is an even higher level than just design. And now in gemdev, motion design, web, ux, ui, the demand is very high for specialists who have competencies in all of the above areas. So if you have the makings, study - you will not lose.

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