wolfak2014-05-03 16:00:17
wolfak, 2014-05-03 16:00:17

Animation in XAML and Windows RT

Good afternoon. I'm just starting to develop my first applications for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone stores in Visual studio, but I can't figure out how to work with animation, even the simplest one. There are very few examples on the official website and they are not described. I ask you to help in finding examples of working with animation and their detailed description, it is possible in English, the main thing is a detailed description of the functions. Thank you.
XAML and C#.

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endorphinUA, 2015-07-19

I found a small video tutorial where everything is clearly demonstrated:

Innokenty Ivanov, 2014-06-17

I agree, I'm waiting for an answer. I am writing an application for W8.1 and WP 8.1 using JS. I went through the whole MSDN, but something is not right - there are no such materials there.

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