Andrew Chil2015-01-21 20:58:58
Andrew Chil, 2015-01-21 20:58:58

Animated objects?

Hello! It is necessary to make, for example, a certain cartoon character walk along a certain block and give out some kind of message! I understand that this is apparently done using CVG and possibly something else. (If so, what is it?)
Is it possible to do this with just css3?
Please advise literature or lessons that would help in solving this problem. (preferably with examples)
Thanks in advance)

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IceJOKER, 2015-01-21

I think the possibilities of css3 give such an opportunity, keyframes, transition - read about them
well and look towards different JS libraries - paperjs.org/tutorials/animation/creating-animations
on this topic you just have to look for a lot of answers

Alexander Staroverov, 2015-03-05

it is not difficult to implement such an animation on css3, but it will, so to speak, be hard to control, you will have to use js for full control over the animation, I advise the gsap library

sergey, 2017-07-27

Gives an error when npm i --save-dev

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