Sergey2015-03-17 04:22:32
Sergey, 2015-03-17 04:22:32

AngularJS SPA and Symfony2, pitfalls?

Good afternoon. For the sake of self-education / self-torture, I decided to develop a small reference application for my city for the time being. This should be my first application of this type. It can be difficult, but the more interesting / more difficult the task, the more skills I will acquire.
I sat for a while, read about what to use for development, and decided that I would use PhoneGap + AngularJS + Gulp + material desing\foundation ... I decided to give data in json form using Symfony2 (+ in the future I want to make a web version of the reference), most likely using FOSRestBundle? (other options?).
In general, from this moment a lot of questions arise, which is not strange for a beginner?) What modules for Angular do you recommend for working with json data ($http, ngResource, restangular), how best to organize receiving, processing, storing (localStorage?) data in angular (services? i.e. .factory), etc. etc. ). I would be very grateful for all sorts of links to useful resources on this topic. There are no deadlines, there is only a great desire to develop.
In general, I ask you to tell me what are the pitfalls that I will encounter out of ignorance during development.
PS forgive me if some of the questions were too stupid..

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Sergey, 2015-03-17

Check it out right away: https://github.com/johnpapa/angular-styleguide
How to write a REST Api is up to you. If it's more complicated and for self-study - look towards the jsonapi.org
standard draft As for modules - I personally don't like either ngResource or restangular (although this one is tolerable to use). For simple applications, any option is fine, but I like my wrapper over $http. But if there is no wrapper, it is better to take a ready-made solution. Any option will suit your needs.
Regarding services/factories - I recommend writing the application directly in ES6, then it will be possible to write normal services. In essence, the difference between services and factories is that a constructor function is passed to the first, a factory function is passed to the second. when using ES6 classes, writing services is much more convenient.
How to design an application - it will be difficult right away. There is a lot to read here, and not only in angular or symfony. For Symfony, the following things are suitable for example: https://github.com/phptodayorg/php-must-watch

Ilya Agarkov, 2015-03-17

If you want to do a bunch of PhoneGap + AngularJS, then look better towards ionic
Also, if this is a project for educational purposes, then maybe you should look towards Angular2 ?

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