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AngularJS: Should you stop using the Bootstrap grid if the project already includes AngularJS Material with its features?

I joined the development of an AngularJS project, in which the layout was made using the Bootstrap3 grid.
Bootstrap itself is connected in the form of ready-made bootstrap.min.css, assembly from source files is not done.
Also, the project already uses the AngularJS Material library, which has its own grid and its own layout capabilities.
There was a temptation to completely abandon the Bootstrap grid and turn all the pages using only the functionality of AngularJS Material Layout and Containers.
In the future, this will make it possible to remove Bootstrap from the project as a whole, since its components are used a little.
However, there is very little experience with AngularJS Material, I'm afraid of pitfalls.
Question: would it be a good idea to abandon the Bootstrap grid and make the layout using AngularJS Material, or is the latter not able to fully replace Bootstrap?

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Yaroslav Rostanets, 2017-08-28

Why not take the bootstrap grid separately and pull it all into the project?)
PS: grid layout is the last century

ozknemoy, 2017-09-01

where I do not go everywhere hayat solutions proven over the years. I understand of course that flexes are fashionable and modern, but the old browser trash does not support them. on the subject: the grid separately weighs a couple of tens of kilobytes and works fine with any css libs

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