Dmitry Arushanov2016-03-24 17:22:22
Dmitry Arushanov, 2016-03-24 17:22:22

AngularJS Return value from resolve?

Good day to all. There is an Angular application from which I send requests to the rest server using Restangular. All objects received from the server via GET using Restangular have data about the remote rest inside the object. So I can easily call the PUT DELETE method on the received object.

var users = Restangular.all('users');
var user = users[0]; //user with id 1
user.put(); //put to /users/1

All methods for working with Restangular are described in separate services
. I call them in the controller and everything works.
But if I use resolve, then the object that then gets into the controller is devoid of these properties. That is, calling the methods .put() .remove() - causes an error.
This happens exactly when passing from resolve.
Has anyone encountered such a problem? And I didn’t find something how you can create a Restangular object from an existing one ...

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