Egor2015-01-23 15:45:03
Egor, 2015-01-23 15:45:03

Angularjs. Infinite loop error when connecting 2 tables. How to get rid of this?

There is a large application in Angular.
For routing, ui-router is used.
There was a need to display data in a dynamic table. I decided to look for ready-made solutions and found 2 more or less suitable ones. ui-grid ( link ) and angular-table ( link )
Tables work, but output a huge number of errors to the console on initialization and on each action.
All errors "Error: error:infdig Infinite $digest Loo" Error example
The data in the table is test data, it is not used anywhere in the application itself. Tried to insert into different parts of the application, under different controllers. Somewhere a little more errors, somewhere less. How to debug this and find the cause of the errors?

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Egor, 2015-01-23

The problem was solved by updating Angular to version 1.3.0

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