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nepster-web, 2014-04-20 14:19:55

Angularjs, How to pass data to bootstrap modal?

I'm dabbling in Angularjs and having a problem passing data to a modal window.

angular.module('app', ['ui.bootstrap.dialog'])
    .factory('apiModal', function ($http, $q) {
       return {
            // Открываем модальное окно 
            openWindow: function ($scope, $dialog, $window, apiModal) {
                $scope.test = {name: 'OK'};
                var options = {
                    backdrop: true,
                    keyboard: true,                    
                    controller: 'dialogModal',
                    template: ':{{test.name}}',
                    //templateUrl: 'view.html',
                var dialog = $dialog.dialog(options);
                dialog.open().then(function(result) {
                    if (result === 1) {
            // Запрос на сервер
            request: function (data) {
                 alert('Отправляем данные с помощью AJAX');
                 return false;
    .controller('Ctrl', function ($scope, $dialog, $window, apiModal) {
        // Открываем модальное окно
        $scope.openWindow = function() {
            apiModal.openWindow($scope, $dialog, $window, apiModal);
   .controller('dialogModal', function($scope, dialog) {
        $scope.close = function(result) {

I did something like this:
$scope.test = {name: 'OK'};
In the window I try to get
But I get a void. Can you please tell me how to pass data to the modal window?

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Insayt, 2014-06-13

Make sure the window layout is in the correct scope

AtNovember, 2015-08-08

Tell me, are the quotes in your code in the same sequence?

template: ':{{test.name}}',

instead of
Could this be the problem?

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