vasjapupkin3192014-11-02 18:13:29
vasjapupkin319, 2014-11-02 18:13:29

[AngularJS] How to check if a cookie exists?

I’m doing SPA (for the first time) and after studying and comparing various libraries and frameworks, I settled on AngularJS (I’m barely friends with javascript), and now I’m doing an admin panel, the question arose about authorization, how to check for cookies (and if there are none, show the authorization form) .
Thank you!

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Alexander Wolf, 2014-11-02

well and check on the server. And from angular make a request to this file.

Elizaveta Borisova, 2014-11-02

Well, stop being friends with javascript! It is dangerous to sit down for SPA Angular without knowledge of the language and native features.
The server is responsible for authorization.
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