sdgroup142017-08-20 20:13:19
sdgroup14, 2017-08-20 20:13:19

Angularjs child states abstract state?

the bottom line is, I need to make child states. through abstract. But it seems that I understood why this property is needed. And so I started writing and got out such an error. 94dfe292cb6046b2a66bb69faa86eb74.png
Here is the actual code on this page and the error only appears if I specify abstract: true,
function config($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) {
.state('phones', {
abstract: true,
url: '/phones',
templateUrl: '../views/pages/phones/phones.html',
controller: PhonesCtrl,
.state('phones. nokia', {
url: '/nokia',
templateUrl: '../views/pages/phones/phones.html',
.state('phones.htc', {
url: '/htc',
templateUrl: '../views/pages/phones/phones. html',
.state('phones.apple', {
url: '/apple',
templateUrl: '../views/pages/phones/phones.html',

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Nicholas, 2017-08-20

You are making a transition to the "phones" abstract state.
It is called abstract for that, that it is impossible to switch to it.

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