WQP2015-01-16 14:44:35
WQP, 2015-01-16 14:44:35

AngularJs as jQuery replacement?

Hello, I started getting acquainted with AngularJs and it seemed to me much more practical and more convenient than jQuery. Do you think it is worth doing further projects (on CMS) on this framework or is it only suitable for one-page sites?

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Sergey Nalomenko, 2015-01-16

What are you talking about? AngularJS is an MVW framework. jQuery is a DOM manipulation library. How can they be compared?
It seems to me that you did not understand at all what Angular is for.

vsvladimir, 2015-01-16

Angular is a higher level library than jQuery. Typical things can be done very quickly and simply. But if something more complicated is required, you will have to crawl under the hood, write services, directives, etc. Less third-party libraries have been made for Angular - you will need to adapt jQuery libraries.
In jQuery, it is customary to separate code from markup as much as possible. In Angular html and js are more friendly)

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