Ilya2017-01-12 01:18:39
Ilya, 2017-01-12 01:18:39

AngularJS adding ng-controller and new controller after certain time after page load?

Hello. I want to bind a new controller to a module, so that there is an ng-controller attribute , but some time after the page loads, for example, 5 seconds have passed and I need to add the ng-controller attribute to the element so that it is attached before the newly created controller, which is attached to module. Well, so that inside the element with the ng-controller attribute I could access the $scope of the controller. I am a beginner, maybe I misunderstood something and this approach is not correct. It seems that I saw a solution to this problem here at the bottom , but it did not work out. Thanks, I'd appreciate any help.

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ozknemoy, 2017-01-13

it's better to use components. depending on the type of svg, throw parameters through bindings inside the component. For example


var fotoeditorComponent = {
    bindings: {
        fotoEmitCallback: '&',
        modalParentId: '@',
        fotoW: '@',
        fotoH: '@',
        areaType: '@?'

Well, it's better not to accustom yourself to $scope right away. this is laggy code

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