Emptyform2017-02-09 09:43:45
Emptyform, 2017-02-09 09:43:45

Angular2: How to remember user on page reload?

There is an application on A2. What is the best way to implement the ability to remember the user so that he does not need to enter a username / password every time the page is reloaded using F5 or just at the next visit?
In ordinary, non-single-page web applications, of course, cookies, sessions ...
In Angular, everything is the same, nothing new?
How to do it correctly in A2?

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Dasha Tsiklauri, 2017-02-09


Evgeny Erofeev, 2017-02-09

All the same - in cookies. After all, NG2 is still served by some kind of backend - everything is stored there, in the session.

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