Ivan Stroykin2017-02-04 22:21:34
Ivan Stroykin, 2017-02-04 22:21:34

Angular2: How to properly push ng-bootstrap modal to child component?

Good day,
I can’t fully understand ng2-bootstrap, namely modal. If in one component, then everything is easy, but if you put the modal into a separate component (child), then it doesn’t work.
Maybe someone has already done these manipulations?

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Ivan Stroykin, 2017-02-06

In general, who will need it or just be interested. Implemented.
Let's say the selector is: "test-modal". Then, where it will be necessary to display this modal window, we write:
and we hang an event on the button:
in the modal window component we write:

@ViewChild('testModal') public testModal: ModalDirective;

public showTestModal(): void {

public hideTestModal(): void {

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