Andrew2021-03-11 13:07:05
Andrew, 2021-03-11 13:07:05

Angular Universal SSR & SEO & indexing - why don't links on the site make new HTTP requests to the server and how do search engines index the site?

Followed the Angular Universal guide ( https://angular.io/guide/universal#server-side-ren... )
This is Server Side Rendering for Angular SPA applications.
When starting the project, we actually receive a rendered document on the server for an HTTP request. Which is obviously understandable and clear how the search engine, bot and any client will receive it. But at the same time, all transitions between pages, links - routerLink, just like a regular SPA, are processed on the client side, i.e. when moving from /dashboard to /heroes, there is no HTTP request to fetch the /heroes page from the server with the new metadata.
1) How right is this for SEO optimization?
2) Can someone tell me something or give links to resources that describe in detail how exactly robots index the site in this case, and how search engines will receive adequate data, SEO optimized data, for all site pages?

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Vladimir, 2021-03-11

Universal is SSR + SPA
Why do you need Angular if you don't want SPA?
1) Excellent search engines work with SSR + SPA

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