Anvar Kirgech2016-05-04 20:09:06
Anvar Kirgech, 2016-05-04 20:09:06

Angular + PHP I don't understand what's the problem?

Tell a beginner, there is a simple form that should work through PHP server
example: metanit.com/web/angular/3.8.php
When I try to reproduce this on my local computer. When you click on save, the page is refreshed and all data simply disappears.
(Angular put simple scripts to work) I can't figure out how to pass a json object from a form to PHP and back.
What am I doing wrong(

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Kirill Arutyunov, 2016-05-04

If the page just refreshes, then it looks like your JS form submit handler is not firing. Are there any errors in the developer console? Is Angular really connected?

Anvar Kirgech, 2016-05-04

Thanks Kirill. Understood the error was in the controller in the name. Initially, I was looking in the wrong place)

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