Vitaly Stolyarov2018-02-18 23:54:24
Vitaly Stolyarov, 2018-02-18 23:54:24

Angular overwrites native events?

The D3.js based library is used in the Angular application. In this library, visual elements and their events are created through d3.js. For example: zoom and click are assigned to the main container element, in which the first is responsible for moving and increasing / decreasing the block, and clicking is used to open the menu. It is logical that only the event when we pressed LMB in one place is considered a click. This is exactly what happens in a normal environment (not Angular). But in Angular, the following behavior is observed - click fires even when a move has been made (via the zoom module), namely when the LMB is dropped.
I immediately suspected Angular and its intervention in events, but this happens even with ViewEncapsulation.None. If you try to remove an event listener via devtools in a normal environment (select an element -> Event Listeners), then it will no longer work. But with the same code embedded in Angular, this does not work - the event is both listened to and continues. So, angular overwrites events somewhere? But where? And is it possible to disable this somehow by making a certain block in the component isolated from the influence of angular?
You can try an example here: https://github.com/Ni55aN/D3NE-examples/tree/maste...

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