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raingo, 2017-06-11 11:46:22

Angular.js vs React.js in MEAN stack with an offer in mind?

What front-end framework to learn for getting a job or successful freelancing on upwork? Time 3-4 months, for a thorough study of both is not enough.
1) The main selection criterion is the prevalence in business and the respectability of relevant knowledge for the employer.
So vue.js is out. (170 sentences for upwork versus 1.200 for angular and react). What is the easiest way to get/freelance?

  • both frameworks/libraries have approximately the same amount of demand on upwork, hh and other job search sites,
  • part of requests for react takes react native,
  • on the other hand, queries on angular are mixed because of its versions.

2) The second most important criterion is a stack with mongo, node, express.
I don't quite understand how classic MEAN works. Which functions to give to express, which angular. However, in a stack with react, express takes care of routing and the like, thus complementing react. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  • react in this stack seems to be more convenient.
  • for the classic MEAN there are excellent books in Russian, but the ecosystem is smaller,
  • react'a has a lot more tutorials, videos on YouTube, but no books.

3) What is more suitable for creating social. networks in the me*n stack? I write social web for portfolio and applied learning of web programming.
  • react has better performance compared to angular 1
  • there is little information about the performance of angular 2 and 4
  • angular 1 is overloaded with features, but in subsequent versions it is possible to easily cut out unnecessary
  • angular stacks easier with rxjs
  • angular is fatter
  • for react'a you have to suffer with redux'om

4) Ease of learning.
  • the entry threshold for angular'a 1 seemed fabulously low to me.
  • react is harder because of the need to learn dependency libraries like redux
  • 2 and 4 angular require typescript and learn version differences.
  • the ecosystem in RuNet for both frameworks / libraries is on top.

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Nicholas, 2017-06-11

My head is full of mess. Approximately 70% of the above points are inaccurate or not at all correct. It is worth taking any framework (for example, angular 1.x, as the easiest and fastest to learn) and making a small spa (you can directly from the angular-phonegap tutorial). Then add a backend as express to this tutorial. Most of the questions will disappear by themselves. As for the study of already relevant frameworks, despite the huge difference in implementation, the general approaches of ng2 / react are similar (components, unidirectional data flow, ...) if you understand the approaches themselves, learning the basics of a specific implementation should not take more than a week. It takes a lot more time to explore the ecosystem (flow/typescript/webpack, etc.)

Oleg Gamega, 2017-06-11

if prioritized
(which IMHO is not bad and very correct) then react,
I agree with Nikolay , it will take much more time to fully study the ecosystem, and therefore create-react-app you can tell what you need
react itself in an hour (I exaggerate a little, but if you don’t touch on the details, then you can really walk through the basics in an hour), a couple of days is enough for you to figure it out, then redux, you won’t tell it in an hour, but a couple of days behind your eyes, well, then
don’t forget about English

Alexander Aksentiev, 2017-06-11

successful freelancing on upwork

In my opinion, for successful freelancing there you need to learn Wordpress and make up :)

Puma Thailand, 2017-06-11

if it's for fun, then it's definitely react,
well, plus it has a react for android

Aleksei Podgaev, 2017-06-16

What kind of projects are you interested in doing? Angular has been leaning towards Enterprise lately, i.e. on it you will make heavy admin panels with all sorts of graphs / charts, complex tasks such as lazy loading and caching of tables with data, and so on. React makes more solutions focused on the mass user, with an abundance of all sorts of visual goodies, animations, etc. In general, if you are interested in messing with CSS and animation, it’s better to take on React. On it, by the way, and games, it seems to me, are easier to write.

ozknemoy, 2017-06-11

don't be fooled by the low threshold of angular. this is not true. redux can also be put into angular. typescript can be almost never used. put the type any and that's it. On small applications, it is not needed. Version 2 is no longer relevant. there are 4. the more it is faster. Basically, Angular 1 is in demand now, in a couple of years the situation will change and you will have to learn 2 frameworks. the fact that angular carries everything you need, you will install third-party plugins in react. well, for a social network, a one-pager is a controversial choice

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